Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blog Sugar

So I went to Blog Sugar this last weekend with my sister and it was FUN! 
Truthfully, she talked me into it. 
I was hesitant because I was unsure if anything would make sense for me and what my blog is about, FOOD. 
Well, duh! The name of the conference had SUGAR in it! ;)
Though the speakers I heard did not talk about food, one focused on photography and showed me some tricks and tips to make my food look appetizing (important for a food blog, right?!). 
The other two speakers talked about finding your niche and just about life...
how to be tactful and stay true to yourself. 
All I heard, I appreciated and learned from and can definitely apply to my food blog and my life. 

And the theme verse for the conference...

Psalm 34:8 Taste and see that the Lord is good. 

When I saw that this was the theme verse, I was thinking, "Really? I am truly in the right place!" 


  1. So SO happy you came!!!

  2. Wish I would have met you, then we could have talked about food all day long!

  3. So funny that you went to Blog Sugar. Rachel and I have mutual friends through APU, so I've kept up with her on her blog, etc. I have wondered (since she's in Long Beach) if you and/or Tracy know her, are friends with her, etc. Now I know! :-)

  4. You know i am so psyched we met and girl, I can't wait to start making some of your recipes! :)

  5. Bummed we didn't meet at blog sugar, but glad I found your blog! I will have to check out your recipes...I love cooking/baking also (and post recipes 1-2 times a month)

  6. Oh goodness I don't think I've ever heard that verse or if I have hadn't paid much attention to it. Really makes you Think!

  7. So fun!! Can't wait till next year!! This was such an amazing event.

  8. glad you went!! i loved meeting you! <3

  9. yeah! i'm glad you had a great time at blog sugar and felt you were suppose to be there.
    it was a sweet sweet time!

    now i gotta go snoop around here to get some dinner ideas!

  10. erin, i am thrilled we were able to meet in person ! so happy you two cute sisters came! xoxo