Friday, March 18, 2011

Dessert Night #1: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

     One of my students told me that they have Dessert Night at their house every Friday with their family. I loved this idea so we have decided that we are going to have Friday Night Dessert Night at our house too. We will only have dessert on Fridays in an effort to cut back on our regular sugar intake.
     Abby and I both love to bake so Fridays after school will be a great opportunity for us to bake together. Today we decided to make Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie. Abby and I made it this afternoon and baked it while we ate dinner. Our house still smells spectacular! The recipe can be found here.

Abby's cute little hands making the crust look "pretty."

I served the pie with a small scoop of ice cream! 

     It was such a huge hit that right before bed Abby said, "Can we have dessert night in the morning so I can have more pie?"

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  1. Her little hands are so adorable. And that looks really good.