Saturday, March 5, 2011

My Plan

     I have decided I need to have some kind of plan to get back to a healthy pre-baby weight. After baby number two came along, a little over 8 weeks ago, I realized I not only need to be extremely healthy because of nursing, but also because I now have two small girls to raise that need an example of how to eat and live healthy. 
     Dieting is not going to be the answer to showing them how to eat properly. No diet plan that involves microwaveable foods or extremely excessive behavior is going to get either myself, or my kids, the nutrition we all need, especially now that I have a three year old! She wants to eat what I eat...exactly what I eat. 
     So, I need to cook healthy meals that are kid friendly. I need to exercise when I can. I need to be a good example! So here is how I am going to do it! Bear with me as I am the mother of two so writing and posting will not come easy!


  1. Good plan and good start! I like it! Keep on writing.

  2. Loving the blog! Really cute layout and the content is great too. I will be a loyal follower!

  3. for real.. you are too cute. You just gained another fan!.... or is it follower? i'm such a newbie! :-)