Monday, March 7, 2011

Exercise While My Kids Are Awake?

     Yeah right! Exercising while the girls are awake is something that I have not quite mastered...until today! I am not sure if this will work everyday or even very often, but today it was a success! So here are two ways to get a light workout in and keep your kids happy at the same time:

1. Find an enclosed park that has a sidewalk around the whole thing. While the kids play, walk around the playground (I pushed Lucy in the stroller while Abby played on the swings!). I walked around the playground for about 30 minutes. 

2. Find an enclosed basketball court. Bring a soccer ball, basketball, or even a bike or scooter for the kids. While you walk around the court, the kids can play. I am going to try this tactic out this week too!

     So after I came up with these great ideas, I realized I am basically keeping my kids in a cage! Whatever, it works and everyone is happy! 


  1. I'm locking them in right there with you! It's a great idea.

  2. I love your ideas Erin! Sam and I have been working out together lately...don't laugh, Im out of breath before she is :) we go to the church parking lot across the street and I run while she either runs or rides her bike. I have even done it while Elizabeth sat in the stroller and watched, else she stays home with Doug.
    I think its never to early to teach your kids, by example, how to be active and healthy!

    keep posting - I love your recipes and ideas
    love, Robin Dyer