Sunday, March 6, 2011

Starting the Week Off Right

     We started off our week going to our local Farmer's Market. It is always a fun place for Abby. She likes to pick out her own fruits and veggies. She gets a kick out of the carrots that actually have the leafy top. 

     At the market we got carrots, celery, fresh strawberries, and a big bag of salad. There is one vendor that sells salad by the pound. You can choose from a variety of pre-washed lettuces. My favorites are the sweet mix and baby spinach. I am not sure what kind of lettuce is in the sweet mix, but it is leafy and green and I know that is what is important! 
     Once home from the market, I got ready for my week of making sure I eat enough fruits and veggies (a nursing mom is supposed to have 8 servings a day!). I cleaned it all, cut it all, and put it in baggies. Now I am ready to grab a bag of veggies and go. 

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