Friday, July 15, 2011

This Week's Favorites

We love anything pizza and when it's in a muffin...even better! 

from Dishes and Socks

I am always looking for new side dishes and when they are low-fat, that makes me happy! 

from Heidi's Recipes

A lower in fat chocolate chip cookie also makes me happy! 
Can't wait to try these! 

from Finding Joy In My Kitchen

And another lower in calories and fat dessert recipe I came across this week is...

from Sweet Tooth 

I am looking forward to trying this new crock pot recipe also! 

from Six Sisters' Stuff 

Enjoy your weekend! 

I am linking up with Friday Favorite Finds at Finding Joy In My Kitchen. 


  1. You have a handful of deliciousness here :-) Hope you enjoy these new treasures!

    Blessings on your weekend.

  2. I love anything that has Hawaiian in the name. I'm definitely marking the Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken!
    {Stopping by from Friday Favorites}