Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday Night Dessert Night #9: No Pudge Fudge Brownie Muffins

         In a pinch, this is the best low-calorie dessert I have found. All you need is a box of no pudge fudge brownie mix and vanilla yogurt. If you only have plain yogurt, use that with a teaspoon of vanilla. 

Mix the two together, pour 1/4 mix into 12 prepared muffin cups,
 and lick the bowl (yummy eggless batter!). 

 Bake for 15 minutes at 350 and you have gooey, low-cal brownies! 
Top with a little whipped cream or a small scoop of frozen yogurt. 


  1. these are so good :) and i love that the box tells you how to make just one at a time!

  2. no pudge.
    this needs to be in my life!!

  3. I'm a total sucker for brownies in any form...these look great!

    Also, You are the WINNER!! ...send me your mailing address when you get a minute and I'll pass it on to Lady Stiles so she can send you your booty ;) girlichef at yahoo dot com.