Sunday, October 23, 2011

Friday Night Dessert Night x2

For the last two weeks we have definitely made dessert on Fridays but I have yet to post about it! 
Two weeks ago Abby had a slumber party with her best friend/cousin, Radley and we had a tea party with mini pumpkin pie cupcakes. They were delicious! 

They thought they were pretty funny drinking their "coffee," aka chocolate milk. 

We also made a cute little pumpkin craft from some things they collected on a nature walk, plus some things we had around the house. 

This last Friday night, we made Chocolate Caramel Apple Pops
They were delicious and pretty easy to make. 
I got it all ready (too hot for Abby to help) 
and away she went dipping the apples! 

We made a huge mess, some were pretty, some were not, but all were delicious! 


  1. Looks like a creative, fun-filled and memorable family experience! Those little caramel apple pops look divine (as do the pumpkin pie cupcakes)!

  2. To much fun!!! Where was I??

  3. I love the apple pops! Cute idea!