Friday, October 14, 2011

Jacob's 1st Birthday: Popcorn Cupcakes

My little nephew turned 1 all the way back in August. 
He had an adorable carnival theme party
I made these popcorn cupcakes to go along with the theme! 

What you need: 
Your favorite chocolate cupcakes (box or from scratch) 
Frosting (I used buttercream) 
Small marshmallows 
Yellow food coloring 

What you do: 

Bake the cupcakes and make the frosting. 

Frost cupcakes generously once cooled. 

Put marshmallows in a large bowl and turn cupcakes upside down to dip in the bowl. 

The whole cupcake will not be covered so fill in where marshmallows did not stick the first time. 

Mix a tiny bit of yellow food coloring with 1/4 cup water and using a paint brush (clean of course!) brush on some yellow. 

I made these minis to go along! The kids loved these the most! 

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  1. These were so good! I want you to make them again.

  2. oh my gosh!! So cute! My daughter is a marshmallow lover and would go crazy over these.