Monday, April 4, 2011

Friday Night Dessert Night #3: Pizza Cakes

     Friday was April Fool's Day so I decided we would make an April Fool's dessert. It was super easy, fun and Abby really enjoyed "fooling" her cousin Radley with a cake that looked like pizza.


1 box of yellow cake mix 
1 jar of white frosting 
red food coloring 
1 bag of white chocolate chips (chopped into tiny pieces)
red fruit roll-ups or red jam (we used jam) 


1. Bake cake according to box directions and bake in two 8 or 9 inch round pans. 
2. Allow to cool completely. 
3. Meanwhile, dye frosting as red as possible (ours came out hot pink because I ran out of food coloring). 
4. Spread frosting on to cakes, sprinkle chocolate on top, add jam in the shape of circles to look like pepperoni. 
5. Fool your friends! ;)


  1. What happened to my dessert? :)

  2. hahaha...we ate it! you guys went on a date and I never made it over there! oops...Rad got one! Don't tell Ethan!