Thursday, April 14, 2011

Orange Chicken On-The-Go

     So this week has been pretty busy and sometimes cooking something with a lot of ingredients or even from scratch at all is overwhelming. This is something I always keep in the freezer as backup. It only takes about 18 minutes to cook the chicken.

Trader Joe's Orange Chicken 
Trader Joe's Microwavable Brown Rice 

If you bake the Chicken, instead of frying it in oil, it actually is not bad for you at all. It has a ton of flavor with a lot less calories than the take-out version.  
Add some steamed carrots and green beans and you have a full meal! 


  1. I like how Colin's bowl has no veggies. hahaha!

  2. My god! I get hungry every time I visit your blog. This looks delicious! :)